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Jurassic Sea Farms (originally called the Dorset Seaweed Company) was formed in 2018 by Native Marine Centre (NMC) and Hugh Wiltshire in order to investigate the benefits of multi-species aquaculture systems, particularly sea weeds and invertebrate shellfish species.

Nigel Bloxham, owner of the Crab House Cafe and oyster farm based in the Fleet behind Chesil beach, also became an investor in 2019.


The company has rented a 2 hectare sea concession in Portland Port where it hopes to refine the technology prior to moving to other sites along the south coast. 


We had the pleasure of working with Butterfly Effect Films on their latest film 'Aquaculture; Open for business' showcasing all the great local and upcoming aquaculture businesses in the area.

With thanks to Butterfly Effect Films and the Dorset Coast Forum.


Jurassic Sea Farms - Seaweed Trials

Jurassic Sea Farms - Seaweed Trials

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