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SAMS is a well established marine research station situated at Dunstaffnage, north of Oban, Scotland. In recent years SAMS has been a leading researcher into sea weed cultivation and offers practical training in sea weed farming as well as supplying seeded lines of commercial kelp species to growers like JSF. 

Based in NSW Australia, Zapco has developed several novel oyster culturing systems which produce quality oysters at low cost due to low capital costs and reduced need for labour. At its sites near Merimbula, the company has also shown conclusively that its systems actually promote growth of other bioflora and fauna in the lagoon as well as supporting several sea bird populations.

GSF has been producing shellfish seed for several years and has an unparalleled expertise in producing disease free triploid Pacific oyster seed for ongrowing. Triploid seed is sterile and does not reproduce like normal diploid individuals. This is acceptable to the UK authorities who do not want to see non-indigenous species spreading into local ecosystems​


Following his retirement from jsf, the company still maintains a good relationship with hugh wiltshires's former company run by his son ned. quest helps jsf with supplies of components and mooring installations at its portland site.

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